05 May 2016

One Step Closer

Yesterday, I was able to sell a few pieces of now-unneeded furniture. Today, another piece will go out the door.

Change-of-address orders have been submitted for our place, and for our daughters'. We'll still all have to visit the DMV soon, to update the address and get new licenses. Yay.

The new electric company, bless their darling hearts and empty heads, has an on-line application ... or so they said. Turns out what they have is a downloadable application. It must still be taken to their office where submission is face-to-face only.

And they want a check. How quaint. Does anyone even write checks anymore? Oh, well, turns out we had two blank checks left, so I'll dust them off and drive to the new town (a 15-mile jaunt from work) to file the application. Then 25 miles home again.

But - despite how that sounds - I'm not complaining; not really. We're so happy to be getting on with this, that the drive isn't a problem. What I'm fussing about is the time crunch is to get back to the current place in time to disconnect the electronics in the fireplace/mantel thingy, in order to accommodate the purchaser who's to be there at 4:00.

It'll be okay. Take a deep breath, Paul, and just keep moving.  :)


Ed Bonderenka said...

I won't write much.
You don't have time to read it.

Rev. Paul said...

That's darned accommodating of you, Ed. Thanks!

Old NFO said...

Time always seems crunched when you move... Hang in there!

Rev. Paul said...

I'm familiar with the phenomenon, NFO, but this whole "piling on" thing wears thin. :)

Guffaw in AZ said...

Yeah, I finally got around to ordering checks with my current address (on-line) after three years.
Just in case!
Bought cheapies in a minimum quantity.
And left off my telephone (I know, I'm a rebel!)

I remember when I bought my last house, and all the 'change-of-address' stuff and bureaucratic fall-de-ral I had to go through.
When I lost it, and moved in here, things were simpler.


Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw - this is our first move since arriving in Alaska back in '03, so we'll see how long it takes for everything to catch up with us. Fewer credit card offers in the mailbox would be a good start; we're receiving about a dozen weekly, now.

Congrats on the new checks. :)