14 June 2016

So He Really Likes Coffee ...

but getting his head stuck in the can?

Several people pulled off the highway outside of Tok, Monday for an unusual wildlife sighting, a black bear walking around with its head stuck in a large coffee can. 

“It was a little strange. He was pretty stressed and he didn’t seem to be bothered by any of it, cars or noise or anything like that,” said Randy Rallo with 40 Mile Air.

Rallo said at one point he considered trying to free the bear on his own, “I was tempted to take the can and just jerk it off its head myself, but I had second thoughts about that because I figured he might look at me and figure I’m responsible and attack me,” he said.

Fish & Game responded and according to Rallo used a tranquilizer on the bear before cutting the can free with tin snips. “I’m just glad he was hanging around close to the road where he could get some help,” said Rallo. He says the bear appeared uninjured by the ordeal.

There's a short video at the link.


Max said...

Nobody told the bear that it needs to be mixed with water, not snorted scarface style.

Rev. Paul said...