27 July 2016

Hump Day Ouchie

In 1974, in the Navy and stationed overseas, I managed to break three vertebrae in my lower back, along with my left ankle. For those of you who want to know, it was compression fractures of L2, L4, and L5.

The VA has me on its rolls with a service-connected injury, but I won't go near that place. I'm a life member of the Disabled American Veterans, but manage to go about my life with hardly an issue, most of the time.

Emphasis on most of the time.

But every once in awhile, I manage to do something that puts me down for a few days. Over the weekend, my lovely wife and I were busily installing surround sound speakers in the living room. In the process of stepping from a short stepladder onto the hearth, the ladder went to the right as I moved to the left. I was holding onto the mantel, so it was no big deal.

Or so I thought.

But on Monday, my lower back began yelling in earnest, letting me know in no uncertain terms that it wasn't happy with me. I can sit, with some squirming, and can even stand up and walk (after a fashion) as long as there's something for me to lean on while attempting to get up. Using a cane is helpful, too, except I don't know where mine is.

This morning, I wasn't sure that I could get out of bed when the alarm went off ... and trying to stand up was a delightful (not!) exercise in pain. Felt like someone had embedded a hatchet in my spine, just below the beltline. Walking was very nearly out of the question, but I didn't have much choice since it's a workday.

So my doctor happened to stop by my office this morning, on an unrelated matter. She asked about the heating pad I'm leaning against, and ... well, after a short conversation, she handed me some samples of a strong anti-inflammatory. It's only a two-day supply, but that should be enough to see me through the current bout of ouchies.

Between the Aleve, heating pad, and the sample stuff, I'm feeling much more relaxed, if a tad sleepy. I can even stand up straight ... well, almost.

So y'all are on your own, vis-a-vis a meaningful and/or thoughtful post. But I appreciate you stopping by, just the same.


ShallNOTBeInfringed Original said...

I feel your pain. Same injury but includes L3. Injured when I was 17, so I've only been suffering for 26 years with calcification and arthritis. Didn't have any real trouble until the next year in college when doing some heavy lifting for work. Tried everything. Keeping in shape is good preventative medicine. Jogging, not running or walking, for me. But if it does go out, and it DOES go out, the only thing I find that works is Alleve, well, 2 Wally world naproxen gels, and rest flat on my back. If it gets really bad I take a Flexeril 30 and go to the Chiro. Oh, and don't forget to pray; That's the best medicine of all.

Rev. Paul said...

SSNBIO - that sounds all too familiar; sorry to hear it. The doc gave me indomethacin capsules this morning. Only had one so far, but I'm able to stand up & walk with only minor twinges. Beats squirming on a heating pad ... so far, so good.

Old NFO said...

BTDT for way too many years... L3, L5, S1

Rev. Paul said...

I'm beginning to detect a theme here, NFO - sorry to hear about yours.

threecollie said...

Oh, man, I am so sorry to read this. Hope it heals quickly and well and you can get back to your life as normal.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, threecollie. From your mouth to God's ears, as the saying goes. :)

Guffaw in AZ said...

Being 'disabled' in one fashion of another since age 12, I feel your pain!
I've only had the addition of back issues the past 4 years, or so, and they are not fun. My roommate has scoliosis, compressed discs, all manner of back trouble - so I can only imagine!
Praying you continue to improve...


Rev. Paul said...

I'm sorry for both of you, Guffaw; I wouldn't wish this condition on anyone.

BS Nelson said...

I have a similar injury of the L5 area from some 20 years ago. Being in my mid 50’s now, the pain was getting to be a bit much to deal with while remodeling our house. I happened upon Turmeric capsules for reducing inflammation and the pain that comes with it. It has been a difference of night and day, since I have started taking it. I no longer have debilitating pain in my lower back. These capsules can be purchase from Walmart and have made quite a difference for me. You might want to look into them and see if they would help you out. In any case, I hope you are feeling better soon. Enjoy your blog.

Rev. Paul said...

That sounds like something I'll have to try. Thank you!