01 July 2016

Rather Damp, Eh Wot?

We know it's still too early to say that the prevailing condition for Summer 2016 is too dry, too wet, too hot, et cetera, but last evening brought us several bursts of thunder.  It was quite loud, and repeated bursts literally rattled the house. We loved hearing it rumble and echo from the mountains all 'round us.

The last time we heard any thunder here was in Fairbanks, back in '08. Prior to that was in 2004, if memory serves. Let's just say it's rare in this part of Alaska. (To be fair, there was apparently thunder a few weeks ago, but we didn't hear any of it.)

Around 9 p.m., the rain began. We love that it rains much harder up on the mountainside where we now live, than it ever did in south Anchorage. At any rate, it's still raining this morning. AccuHunch Weather guesses that we'll get around an inch, all told, by the time the rains taper off this afternoon.

For us, that's quite a bit. To put things in perspective, the Anchorage area only receives 1.8" of rain in an average July.

So if you're headed here this year, bring galoshes and your rubber ducky. You're gonna need 'em. :)

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