03 July 2016

The View From My Desk

Nothing philosophical, this morning. Just my back yard ... and there's still some work to be done, out there. Right after we finish in the garage.

It's a grey, cloudy morning, and AccuHunch promises we'll have rain shortly.

I hope so. We had the birch trees around the deck sprayed for aphids yesterday, and the overspray coated the front steps. It'll be nice to get them cleaned off without having to hook up a hose.


Fiona said...

There is always work but it keeps us out of trouble and busy.
We put in a raised flower bed in the front of the house, it is shady so we promptly planted our rhubarb in it. The climate here is hard on rhubarb as it is so hot so this is an experiment. I love your name for ACCuweather!

Rev. Paul said...

There's not a lot we can do in the yard, due to its composition ("barely-reclaimed forest"). The sparse grassy area is more a clearing than a yard, and all we do is cut the clumps of grass from time to time. But the lack of yard work suits us just fine; it will give us more time to just sit out on the deck and enjoy. Eventually.

At least, that's what we keep telling ourselves. :)

Sandy said...

Rev Paul,

I can already picture you and your Sweet Wife sitting out on this deck enjoying a nice cup of coffee and just relaxing!!!

In time, all things will be situated exactly as you would like. From experience we all know it takes time to settle in a new home and get everything put away exactly where you want it.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, that it, exactly. We're not groundskeepers, and don't pretend to be. Just keeping it from reverting to forest will be good enough.