23 July 2016

The Weekend, At Last

The week that's just ended seemed unusually long, but maybe that's just me. But it rained a bit on Thursday, and quite a bit more yesterday, slowing the wildfire that was threatening our old stomping grounds in Anchorage.

This morning it's in the mid-50s, and quite foggy. While it's lifting, we still can't see the mountains all around us. AccuHunch keeps predicting a partly-sunny day, but that hasn't happened yet.

I'll be at the DMV when they open, this morning, to get a duplicate driver's license with our new address on it. Just because. :)

The ladies are going shopping this morning, picking up staples which have been depleted. And my task today is to figure out why there's no power in the receptacles along the workbench in the garage. The power gets to the GFCI, first in the line, but goes no further. Replacing said outlet didn't help, so there's something else amiss.

Y'all have a wonderful and safe day out there, and thanks for stopping by.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I hate buying staples.
I always forget what model of stapler I have and end up buying another.

Rev. Paul said...

I was waiting for that one, Ed - LOL!

Old NFO said...

Good luck, and check to see if there is ANOTHER GFCI in the circuit prior to the one you're installing... If there is, they counteract each other and trip...

Rev. Paul said...

I'd already done that, NFO. Turns out the previous owner had installed a new GFI with the line & load reversed, which burned out the electronics. We replaced it, made sure it was hooked up correctly, and now all is well.