09 July 2016

Tired But Happy

We started out bright and early this morning, with an abbreviated shopping list. The list got longer before we were done, as it often does.

We stopped at the nearby builder's supply store and picked up pavers, sand, and gravel to make a rudimentary fire circle in the back yard. Since the long-term plan is to build a second deck, we don't want to invest in anything permanent right now.

We raked a ton or so of brush cuttings, tree branches, a couple of saplings, and a bunch of straw which the previous owner had left behind. Then we carried the pavers, 60 lbs of sand, and 60 lbs of pea gravel up from the driveway  ... oh, didn't I mention that? The backyard is about 10 feet higher than the driveway ... and arranged things so that neither the chairs nor the chiminea would sink into the mud.

And just in case there are any remaining Stargate SG-1 fans out there, that's not Anubis rising from the depths.

Not this.

Rather, it's one of these:

At least that side of the backyard looks like a deliberate design now, rather than a poorly-tended clearing.

We've grilled both lunch and dinner today (steak and burgers, respectively), and are now ready to call it a day. After cleaning up, we'll be back out on the deck to enjoy the peace and quiet. At least, that's the plan. But you know what they say about that.

"No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy." Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke, or General Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz ... depending on whom you ask.


Chickenmom said...

Nice! You'll enjoy sitting around the fire in the fall and winter, too! Plus, it's a good way to get rid of all the little branches and brush that seem to accumulate.

Guffaw in AZ said...

WOW. At first, I thought it a small bear sharing your hospitality!
I need to grill and prepare steaks - sadly, just spent available funds on diet soda, sourdough breads, cheeses and fruits!
Steaks would have taken it all...


Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, ma'am. The twigs & small branches come down faster than we can pick them up. And then there are the cones from the black spruce...

Guffaw, steak does sound good, doesn't it? But sourdough bread, cheeses and fruits are healthier. At least, that's what I've always told myself during lean times. :)

SENIOR said...

Hey, that looks pretty cool. I like it, basic and simple setup and that's the way I like it. I don't compete in Martha Stewart contests.

Rev. Paul said...

Concur, Senior. "Functional" is the goal. We're going to put down some more gravel, to widen the ring around the firepit out to the pavers, but that's all.

Rob said...

Very nice. We have not had too many campfires this year due to weather and bugs. planned one last night, but i was beat from yard work too. Padre, do you have the same problems in ANC, that we are having here in MN? This is nuts. Never had this crap before. Makes me glad we live in the country now.

Rev. Paul said...

Rob, Anchorage hasn't had any violence other than drug deals and/or love-gone-wrong incidents. So far. But we were still very happy to move away to a small town 1/10th the size.