19 July 2016

What's Going On

way up north in Alaska, you ask?

The local news reports a wildfire on the mountainside above the McHugh Creek recreation area, along the Seward Highway. It's pretty tough to get at, due to the steep terrain. That's only 3 or 4 miles from where we used to live; I'm betting our old neighborhood is a bit smoky at present. Meanwhile, State road-conditions website 511.alaska.gov said in a morning update that “travel is not advised” due to poor air quality and “flames next to road.”

The victim of the stabbing ... no, it was a bear mauling ... no, it was a moose stomping ... wait, we're not sure ... is awake and talking, but claims to have no memory of what happened. The robbery and assault unit of APD continues to investigate.

Meanwhile, the clear and sunny weather from yesterday is slowly transitioning to partly cloudy. AccuHunch guesses we'll have heavy rains on Friday. Of course, "heavy" is a relative term, meaning they think the system might produce a half-inch of rain. Since we only get about an inch to inch-and-a-half of rain in a typical August, a half-inch in a day qualified for the term. Here, anyway.

On another front: my wife and were laughing at the talking heads on NBC this morning, to which we accidentally turned a few minutes early, waiting for the local news. They were practically orgasmic about the "plagiarism". I'll grant you that Melania Trump's speech drew heavily from sections of the one delivered by Mrs. Obama back in '08. It seems Mrs. Trump was poorly served by staffers who had access to the other transcript. The Trump team denies that anyone will be disciplined or fired over the matter, but I'd bet that at least one head will roll before long.

That's about the politics I can stand, so thus concludes my morning discussion of the subject.

All y'all have a wonderful day!


Fiona said...

It was a sad thing, the speech, the first thing I thought of was the GOP planting a speech writer to do that. Politics have become a very dirty underhanded place to work! I will say Mrs. Trump delivered it with much more feeling and heart than Mrs. Obama.

On the brighter side, God has given us such bounty this year we are over loading on fresh corn, new potatoes, beets and the like from the garden.

Keep well and stay safe.

Oh I love your moniker for Accu-weather....hey have been having hunches here that it will be humid and hot!

Rev. Paul said...

I didn't watch the Convention last night, and don't plan to do so at all. I know we'll be inundated with a continuous loop of 15-second sound bites for the 24 hours after each installment, and I'm tired of it all after the first 20 minutes. Make that 10.

Sounds like your farm is doing really well; that's good news.
And thanks.

Old NFO said...

Not bothering to watch either. It's going to be bad enough between now and November... sigh

Rev. Paul said...

That says it all, NFO.