21 July 2016

Wildfire Update

The winds shifted earlier this morning, and smoke from the wildfire (about a mile south of Anchorage) is now drifting across the Anchorage landscape. It's smokier on the ground than this photo makes it look.

We were getting occasional whiffs of the smell at home this morning, which a half-hour drive from here.

But there's good news: it started to sprinkle as I left home, and was a full-blown rain by the time I reached work. AccuHunch guesses we'll get nearly a half-inch of rain every day for the next week or so.

The fire has grown to some 845 acres as of this morning, but slowly. It's not advancing in any particular direction, they say, but merely expanding.

Everyone is going to be very, VERY glad about the rain, because the firefighters can't get to the fire. Why? Glad you asked - THIS is why:


Max said...

Looks familiar. Ours is about 50% contained and more rain is in the forecast luckily. The smoke has only blown our way once but man it was nasty.

Rev. Paul said...

This fire is zero contained, so they're really praying for rain. Helicopters can only dump so much water per trip, even though the Arm is next to the fire.