29 August 2016

Anchorage-based pilot dies after airshow crash in Oregon

MADRAS, Oregon (AP) - A longtime pilot and flight instructor who was most recently living in Anchorage has died after a crash during an airshow.

Marcus Bruce Paine, 61, appeared to be attempting a particularly low-altitude loop during the airshow in Central Oregon, according to the Associated Press.

Paine's biplane, a Boeing Stearman aircraft, went down around 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon.
Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins said officials with the Federal Aviation Administration were attending the Airshow of the Cascades at Madras Airport when the crash occurred.

According the Adkins, the agency is investigating along with the sheriff's office and the Madras Police Department.

The airshow's website says Paine lived in Anchorage, had extensive military experience and was a pilot for more than two decades. Paine's flight school reportedly teaches aerobatic flight, stall and spin awareness, and other topics.


Old NFO said...

Another sad loss...

Rev. Paul said...

'Fraid so. Darn it.