17 August 2016

Election Results & Other Stuff

Readers, take note: I'm feeling quite curmudgeonly this morning, so plain talk is about to ensue. Your delicate sensibilities may be offended. 


The results from Alaska's primary election yesterday are interesting, for locals. Six incumbents in the State Legislature have apparently lost their seats, a few more squeaked by, and Alaskan Republicans voted overwhelmingly to retain their RINO in the U.S. Senate.

Just remember, folks: you get the government you deserve. I don't want to hear a. Single. Word. about "big government", "federal overreach", or anything else where D.C. has impinged (read "crushed") our State sovereignty. We had the opportunity to fight back, but no.

And don't give me any backtalk about Seniority Has Its Privileges. It didn't stop you from voting against Ted Stevens, may he rest in peace. He was the senior Republican in the Senate, and all y'all elected the boy wonder from Anchorage, who promptly climbed up Nancy Pelosi's coattail, and spent his entire term kissing up, lips firmly affixed to her proverbial backside and voting the D party line. Don't forget that it was he who cast the deciding vote which killed national reciprocity on firearms carry permits.


So all in all, yesterday's results can best be summed up thusly: "A difference which makes no difference IS no difference."

Whatever. I'm going to crawl back in my cave now.

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