02 August 2016


What to write ... what to write.

Perusing the headlines yields little fodder:
  • 65-year-old State Legislature challenger finds "new energy" against an 83-year-old incumbent
  • Truck hits building; 3 injured
  • Accused rapist has charges dropped when his accuser dies
  • Local rock-climbing gym moves into new facility, featuring 20,000 sq.ft. of climbing surfaces

And that's about it. So since I promised something more interesting than "it's raining", here's a cute picture for you.

"Mom, I thought you said these things are easy to open!" (from www.ktuu.com)


Chickenmom said...

Cute pic! One of the homes around here has regular garbage pick up. They built a cage to surround the "bear proof" cans.

Rev. Paul said...

There's nothing "bear proof" about these cans, unless you lay one face down & try to open the hinged side ... like Boo-boo, there.

Murphy's Law said...

"Open other side, bear!"

Rev. Paul said...

When Booboo is older & more experienced, he'll probably have learned that lesson. But right now, he's going hungry. :)