23 September 2016

Forever Country

This may bring a tear or two ... and it's lovely.


Old NFO said...

That is one of the better ones I've seen!

Rev. Paul said...

Concur. It's quite spectacular.

Griz Alaska said...

Thank you sir.

Absolutely beautiful!
I just watched it three times in a row.
This just made my evening better.

Even though I gotta admit, it makes me feel a bit old.
Because, I didn't recognize half of the singers.

With out a doubt.
The icing on the cake, was hearing Dolly's angelic voice at the end!

Thanks again.

Take care, be safe.
God bless.

Rev. Paul said...

Griz - I understand the part about not recognizing some of the singers. The stocky, middle-aged blond haired guy was Alan Jackson (!), and Vince Gill has put on so much weight he was almost unrecognizable, except for his voice. I remembered a few other faces, but am having trouble recalling names (that's my age getting in the way). But yes, it's good to see some of the folks from the '80s again, even if it's discouraging to see them described as "past artists". Dang it, we're not THAT old ... are we?