02 September 2016

Friday Wrap-Up

It was 41° F. when I left home this morning. It's a few degrees warmer in Anchorage, but only a few. It's that time of year when the overnight temps move closer to the freezing mark, and the first frost of the year might not be far away.

But the days are still warm, and Anchorage set new high temp records in the past week, peaking in the mid- to upper-70s. Today, AccuHunch opines that the high will be 70 again in the big city, but probably more like mid-60s at home. Heading back to our home in the mountains and woods at the end of the workday is such a joy. :)

* * * * *

Another plane story, but with a happier ending: K2 plane makes safe landing on Parks Highway with six aboard

A K2 Aviation plane sits on the Parks Highway near Mile 151 on Wednesday evening after the pilot made what K2 representative called a “precautionary landing” on the highway. No one was injured and the plane wasn’t damaged. (Emily Kuske)

A K2 Aviation de Havilland Beaver with six people on board landed safely on the Parks Highway near Byers Lake on Wednesday night, authorities say. 

A K2 representative said the pilot made "a precautionary landing" around Mile 151 of the highway, the state's main artery between Anchorage and Fairbanks. 

"Everybody's fine," Garett Lawrence, K2's assistant station operations manager, said by phone from the company's Talkeetna headquarters on Thursday morning. "Pretty uneventful."

Lawrence declined to say what prompted the pilot's decision to land.

* * * * *

State Troopers and NTSB investigators are having trouble accessing the crash sites from the two planes which collided earlier this week. The forest is quite dense, and terrain is rough.

* * * * *

That's all the news of wide interest, so I'm going to end with this viewer-submitted photo:

The photographer called it "a moose with a camera", but we're not sure whether it's that ... or just another wannabe, readying itself for an extreme close-up. Regardless, I'm not sure that's its best side, either.


LindaG said...

I do remember the fall temperatures. Nice. Our nights are mid 70s here.
The moose shot is interesting. I wonder if the moose thought it might be food? Haha.
Enjoy, be safe, and have a blessed weekend.

Rev. Paul said...

I suspect the moose was just plain curious; they don't rank very high on the animal intelligence scale (somewhat less smart than cows, which says a lot).

Stay safe out there, Linda.