22 September 2016

It's Getting Closer All the Time

We noticed yesterday that next week's forecast called for lows around freezing, and highs in the mid-40s, for next week.

But no worries, I thought, as I left Anchorage today. Yes, it's still raining, and there's still a bit o' breeze. But no big deal, right?


It's 42° F. here at home, and there's snow a-plenty on the mountain peaks around us. And not that far above us, either.

I can hear you now: "Keep it up there, Rev."  "No, it's too soon!"  "Better you than me/us."


Either way, we have snow in the neighborhood. It's that time.


Rob said...

I can walk out to our shed, get shovels, and ice scraper in less then 5 min. We have leaves everyplace. May do some racking this weekend. Like you said the clock is ticking.....

Rev. Paul said...

Yep. And we've got that brand-new snowblower in the garage, just waiting for its first use. :)

SENIOR said...

Well you answered my question to your post over here. We have started to see some lower temps here but I am dreading the leaves falling.

Chickenmom said...

The first snowfall is the bestest of the best. Then after that...

Guffaw in AZ said...

Yeah, the high here is gonna be 85, today.
Pretty cool for this time of year!
I expect it to spike back close to 100 before long, though.
It's as if we live in different worlds!

Austin's Rule of Weather - it never really cools off until Halloween (in the Valley of the Sun)

'Cool' of course, is relative! :-)


Rev. Paul said...

Senior, our leaves began falling around the 1st of August. While the Northern Birch leaves are incredibly stubborn (i.e., the last dead leaves won't come down until Spring, when the new buds appear), most of them are on the ground already.

Chickenmom, we still get excited by every heavy snow, because there's something magical about deep snow. It not only changes the landscape, but brightens it, too. The alternative is bare trees and dead grass or mud, and that fresh white is so much more appealing. Also, the snow reflects whatever light there is, and makes the long winters seem a little less dark.

Guffaw, I hear you, and understand. We are on different parts of the planet, after all ... but by Halloween, we'll have a permanent snow cover on the ground which will be around until April. Or sometimes May, depending on how cool the spring season is.