20 September 2016

Not Something We See Every Day

Sunday evening, I had the chance to sit in the city park with a friend, sharing coffee and conversation. While talking, we watched a couple of small planes fly over, which isn't uncommon. We saw an airliner from Stevens International Airport as it departed to the east.

And then this happened:

Literally out of a blue sky. There was no plane, nor any engine noise. It was so quiet at the time that we could hear conversations from a hundred yards away. This fellow dropped slowly into the park in silence.

At least until his feet touched the ground, at which point a nearby group burst into applause.

One young boy was so excited that he was running along, directly underneath the parasail. Mom had to call him back so the chutist could land.

I asked around and found that there's a skydiving club which releases jumpers on the north end of town. The park is a couple of miles farther south, which explains why we didn't hear anything.

I almost preferred the mystery. :)


Chickenmom said...

There is a skydiving club at our litte airport about 5 miles form our home. Every weekend the planes circle higher and higher above our house.
They are loaded with jumpers! If we drive to the airport, you can actually hear the chutes pop open. Sometimes you can even hear them scream! :o)

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom - that must interesting, indeed. Are they screaming with exhilaration, or terror? :)

Sandy said...


What a great surprise, will you be considering skydiving in the future? Your friend enjoyed the visit :-)

Hugs to you and your family.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, my skydiving days were long, long ago. It's illogical to jump from a perfectly good plane anyway, right?