21 October 2016

First Snow of the Season

There was about six inches of snow at our place this morning. It gets progressively more shallow heading into Anchorage, but there are three inches at work.

Older Daughter just texted to say the power went out about 5 minutes ago. She works a later shift, so is still home.

I’m getting real-time reports from Facebook – a car fire in the northbound side of the highway is causing inbound traffic to slow. LOTS of cars off the highway, and the plows haven’t gotten the inbound lanes yet.

Lots of people are going to be late to work, today. There are sporadic power outages being reported all over the place. The temps are just below freezing, so the snow is wet and heavy. 

Meanwhile, here's what greeted me when I left home at 0600:

About 3" on the balcony railing, as it's somewhat sheltered by the eaves and surrounding trees.

Moose! It wandered in from the road, down one end of the driveway, and across the yard.

About 4" on my truck, even parked under the trees.

 The roads were sloppy, unplowed, and slick when I left. There's a stop sign about two blocks from the house, on a mild downhill slope, and the Explorer said "Nope, not happening" despite studded tires and anti-lock brakes. Fortunately, that's the worst thing that happened on my drive.


Old NFO said...

Now it begins... Drive safe...

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Jim. I believe I had the easiest time of it, since my truck is equipped with the old-school studded tires. The new studless variety on the two smaller SUVs left wife & younger daughter struggling quite a bit.