17 October 2016

If You Lined Up All Our Weather Forecasters

... they'd point in all directions.

One source says "snow ending by 7:15." We haven't seen any precip at all, here on the hillside, but there was a LOT of it showing up on radar, an hour ago.

Another source says we'll have a rain/snow mix this evening between 7 and 9. Okay; if that's what we get, so be it.

Meanwhile, the radar shows the freezing and/or frozen precip moving out of the immediate area, but there's more to the southeast.

Three of our four vehicles already have the winter tires on, and the fourth will get some on Wednesday.

We're as ready as we're going to be, so ... we'll see what happens. What the forecast says, and what we get, rarely coincide.


Guffaw in AZ said...

Well EVENTUALLY,it will snow!

Years of watching 'meterologists' (or at least pretty teletype readers) have shown me that 1)They have no idea what they are doing, and 2)get paid pretty well for not doing it!

If I were a pretty person, I should have gone for such a job! Stad up in front of a camera every night, make up stuff, get paid, go home.
Lather - Rinse - Repeat.

And people whine all the time about them getting it wrong. But they never change!
And still get paid.

In your vicinity it WILL snow, eventually. Just like in mine, it will get hot.



Rev. Paul said...

But therein lies the problem, of course. We KNOW it will snow, eventually. The question is, will it snow today? This week? Next week?

Details, details ...

LindaG said...

In all the years I have been growing up, and with all the improvements in technology, I don't think weathermen have improved their 85% accuracy.

Be safe and God bless!