19 October 2016

Post #5,600: Local News & Weather

(Found on the Book O' Face:) Drivers traveling southbound into Anchorage are currently rejoicing because there's a moose gamboling down the bike path along the highway, a few miles north of town. Why rejoice? Because so many car-moose collisions have occurred in the last three weeks, and yet here's one which hasn't wandered into traffic. Woohoo!

* * * * *

It is widely speculated that moose (and the occasional bears) are crossing the roadways because we're to have a colder, snowier winter than before. The last few winters, when snow has been scarce, the moose stay in the mountains because they find plenty to eat. During times of heavy snow, they descend into the flats looking for greenery to munch on.

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Weather Underground is predicting rain tomorrow evening, changing to snow tomorrow night. 1" to 3" inches predicted for the Anchorage area. By the middle of next week, periods of rain, freezing rain, ice pellets, and snow showers are listed.

That's ungood; someone should send the weatherman a strongly-worded letter of disapproval.

* * * * *

One of Alaska's US Senators is running for reelection, and has been filling local mailboxes with daily flyers, posters, and other things pending disposal. Yesterday, the large, glossy flyer read, "Why do Washington, D.C. bureaucrats think they know what's better for us than we do?"

Several in our neighborhood have observed that since she's been in the Senate since 2002, seeking another six years, that would make her one of bureaucrats she denigrates. The general feeling is that she's been there long enough.

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That's enough of this; thanks for stopping by, friends.


Griz Alaska said...

Don't know if any of the Alaskans readers, watched the so called KTUU "Senatorial Debate". Let be known, that a certain female Alaskan Senator (R) Was way too busy, to show up for her constituents again.

Rev. Paul said...

I remember it, Griz. Having met her (not by choice, but she held an event in the lobby of my building, a couple years ago), I can say that she's entirely unimpressive. On the other hand, the guy who's there in the other seat isn't much better. He campaigned as a reformer, and promptly joined her in the RINO section upon arrival.

Rob said...

Weather better you then us for now. Our P.O. has a large trash barrel, that is just for recycling. It fills weekly with flyers, ads, and the free papers. We are a small town, now think of what the carriers have to haul door to door in the city.

Rev. Paul said...

Rob, there are plenty of political flyers with which to ignite our fire pit. Between them, unsolicited sale flyers, and the dozen-or-so credit card offers arriving weekly, we don't even need firewood.

Old NFO said...

Yep, sounds like a walking ad for term limits.

Rev. Paul said...

Concur! She's an ad for many things, but term limits first & foremost.

Annie Mouse said...

first I called and nicely asked to be removed from their mailing list. followed with an email. Next mail received from them got faxed back to them, along with note stating I had asked to be removed from their mailing list along with copy of the first email. Next mail from them sent that back to them on their fax, with copies of first mailer, first email. We are up to mailer number eight now. All faxed back to them.

Rev. Paul said...

Annie Mouse, welcome. Have you noticed that the "unsubscribe" button has no link to the internet? It doesn't work. I just mark all the e-mails as spam, and they all go to the junk folder. But they keep coming, just the same.