28 October 2016

Righteous Anger, Redux

Okay, I've been asked why I haven't written as much here lately. And when I do, I seem angry to some. Am I angry? Yes. Is there a reason?

Oh, yes.

I watch the wanton, deliberate dismantling of this nation and its traditions ... I'm aware of the dumbing-down of our schools over the last hundred years ... I see the deliberate refusal to teach or even acknowledge the principles on which this greatest of all nations was conceived, and birthed in liberty.

I see the willful withholding of information about our Founders, and why they behaved as they did ... I see so-called "history" books which have 20+ pages about Sacajawea, and one short paragraph about George Washington ... I had to order three different history texts for my 14 yr old daughter, before finding one which tells the truth about our history.

Children are no longer educated about nor brought up to revere our Constitution. We teach them nothing of the equal justice through which the eyes of the Law should view us, then express surprise when they demonstrate their ignorance of it.

And now we watch rebellious, ungrateful, ignorant students and other young people "protesting". Those "protests" are riots, rife with looting, vandalism, arson, and the taking of lives. ("What do we want? Dead cops.") We've seen the videos, and in many cases, we've experienced it, or driven through or past it.

We have lost basic respect for the generations of valiant patriots, whose tears, sweat and blood have been expended to deliver this nation to us, today. We have allowed those whose plain aim is to destroy the United States, to work toward that very end. Being good traditional conservatives, we knew they were wrong ... but hoped it would all turn out okay.

Look where that has brought us.

Can you find any portion of the Constitution which authorizes the general government to purchase corporations, denying payment to the stockholders? Is there an article or section which says that the central authority can ignore the will of the people and just do as it pleases? Does it say that the Chief Executive can unilaterally make up his own laws?

We are now told that this is a secular nation, or even a Muslim nation. This is a willful denial of the plain and obvious truth of History. Those bitterly clinging to power would have us believe that there was no Mayflower Compact; that the unalienable rights granted "by our Creator" consist of those rights which the government so grudgingly bequeaths us.

The latest move to allow an unelected official, a political appointee, to unilaterally decide whether a suspicion of unacceptable behavior is sufficient to deprive U.S. citizens of natural, pre-existent rights which cannot be taken away through any agency other than a court of law, and which shall not be infringed by any law or act of Congress and that government.

I know that God Himself extended His hand to that ragtag group of citizen soldiers who fought the greatest empire on Earth to free this land. George Washington (not a Deist!) said in his first inaugural address:
... No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand which conducts the affairs of men more than the people of the United States. Every step by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation seems to have been distinguished by some token of Providential agency ...

So if I sound angry, you'll forgive me, please. I watch the systematic dismantling of this country, whose uniform I wore, whose flag I saluted, and it makes me angry.

It feels much akin to sitting, grieving, at a loved one's deathbed as they slip away.

In my anger, I have given voice to the frustrations caused by these events, and others. I apologize for the harsh words, but not for the righteous anger through which I observe these continuing depredations upon our country. May God grant us the wisdom and strength to do that which is needful, whatever it may be, to restore and maintain the Constitutional republic which I firmly believe He Himself gave us.

We have an opportunity to make an actual difference in the Nation's direction, in 11 days. It will require the utmost, exceptional vigilance on the part of every voter and patriot, to prevent what appears to be blatant and unrepentant fraud.

But try we must. There is no other choice.


PeteForester1 said...

Speaking of righteous anger, and angry writing:

There was an article in our local paper titled "Latino advocates ask Justice Department to prevent voter intimidation"

In the article, a "Latino advocate" stated "Some worry that Republican Donald Trump’s supporters could heed his claims that the election is rigged and interfere with voters at polling places."

I wrote in response:

Really? Please; point out a precedent for me. A protest in a small California town? Think again. That was a protest by AMERICAN CITIZENS against the dumping of ILLEGAL ALIENS into their communities by the VERY PEOPLE who are supposed to PREVENT illegal immigration, and using TAXPAYER DOLLARS to do it!

Do you see "Trump's supporters" marching down the middle of L.A. freeways, waving Mexican flags, and screaming "Si se puede!" and bringing the entire city to a halt?

Do you see "Trump's supporters" burning down and looting their own neighborhoods, beating people senseless for being the "wrong color," and yelling things like "Pigs in blankets; fry 'em like bacon?" Do you see them trying to throw reporters who are covering these "protests" into bonfires burning in the middle of city streets? Do you see them throwing chunks of concrete from freeway overpasses onto the heads of the policemen on the road below; policemen deployed because "protesters" were blocking freeway traffic, looting big rigs and setting them on fire... WITH THE DRIVERS STILL IN THE CABS OF THE TRUCKS??

Do you see "Trump's supporters" screaming into microphones things like "Burn this motherf**cking place down!" and "Don't burn down our neighborhoods; burn down the suburbs!"?

Do you hear "Trump's supporters" on Univision saying "We (illegal immigrants) are taking back California, one house at a time!"? And don't tell me that didn't happen, because I understand Spanish, and was actually WATCHING Univision when it was said!

Do you see "Trump's supporters" not "intimidating," but TERRORIZING the people in places like East L.A. and Compton? Do you see them forming groups like "M," and MS-13?

Please, Mr. Vargas; if you're going to fight "intimidation" start by looking in your own demographic mirror!

You're right; Try we must! If we don't express our righteous anger, and push back against what is going on in our beloved America, we'll have none to blame but ourselves for losing her...

Timid people did not build this country, but timid people will ensure its destruction...

God be with you!

ProudHillbilly said...

Oh yeah. I'm supposed to make nice to the people who just have a different political opinion. An opinion that supports the most corrupt candidate who ever ran for the presidential office. If they are OK with that, what does it say about THEM? They benefit from what the Constitution gave them, all the while tearing down that Constitution. They are too lazy to study history, and call me names because I do.

Yes, I'm pissed as hell.

Rev. Paul said...

Pete - you did well, sir. Very well, indeed. Thank you for sharing that with us.

PH - no, I believe you should feel exactly as you do. Me, too.

Suz said...

All I have to say is you are not alone in your anger, there are lots of folks out there in all walks of life, in all parts of the country who feel the same anger and disgust.

I work hard and long taking care of folks, and can not tell you how sick and tired I am of the attitude of "entitlement" that I see these days, from people of all ethnicities and ages. I'm tired of the young 20, 30, 40 something's with enough time on their hands to go protest/riot/generally raise hell, but no time or inclination to go to work, or, alternatively, stop by and help take care of their parents or grandparents. Seems like work is the only 4 letter word they wont say or do. And I can't tell you how VERY tired I am of all of it. I get in my car to go to the next patient, and think, your time is coming buddy, I sure hope Karma is the bitch everyone says it is after dealing with various family members. I guess going to the pharmacy to pick up Gramma's meds or to cook her a meal interferes with their pot smoking time.

As for me, I let my parents and family know how much I appreciate them, and help all I can, even though I live a 12 hour one way drive away, I made the trip 3 times this year so far, and spend countless hours on the phone.

I also pray that the "Silent Majority" isn't so silent on Election Day and we can regain control and commonsense over our nation.


drjim said...

Bravo, Sir, bravo!

Rev. Paul said...

Suz, I hear you. I share your fatigue, frustration, and anger. I strongly - STRONGLY - suspect that the election results on the 8th will surprise a great many people.

Thank you, Jim; I deeply appreciate it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Well written.
I hope it is well read.
That anyone could support a candidate that is the antithesis of our founding documents is an indicat I n of our decline, but also the failures of the "watchdog press".

Cathy Monroe said...

You gave voice to my thoughts. Thank you.

Linda Ault said...

These are things that need to be said loud and often!

Fiona said...

This anger is becoming a less hidden undercurrent all the time. Even our Amish neighbors express concern with the situation. [Regulation brought in by Obama has hurt a lot of the Amish small business]. They are worried their children will be unable to build the small local business's that make the Amish able to live simply with God, Family and work at the fore.
Two more small non-amish stores have closed near us and we miss them. The friends we made when we shopped there are angry with a system that does not allow simple, small, family run and owned places to flourish. They are scared for this country and like a lot of us angry that it is being torn apart by greed, political corruption, over regulation and a total disregard for the Constitution.

Ralph and I so understand being angry!

God Bless you!

Rev. Paul said...

Ed - you're right, of course. There are plenty of failures to go around, all integral links in the chain of support for the Constitutional Republic that used to be here. And, the Lord willing, may be again.

Cathy, it is to be hoped that there are many, many who think such thoughts. The factor in which I take such hope is that they seem to be acting on them, as well.

Linda, I'll say them as often as I have audience. Thank you.

Fiona, your story is a sad one, and one being repeated elsewhere. My best friends back in the Midwest recently had to close their appliance store & declare bankruptcy, because it became impossible to comply with the regulatory burdens.

Terry said...

Well said. As mentioned earlier, you are not alone.
Drain the swamp.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Terry.

LindaG said...

It's funny when Latinos whine about voter intimidation, when it's always groups like the Black Panthers who do the intimidating...
I appreciate you writing this, Reverend. I shared it to facebook, though I don't know that it will help. It can't hurt though.
I agree with every point you made.

I hope you, and everyone here will be safe. God bless you all.

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, that's no problem - you go right ahead & share. As for safety, I trust in the Lord. :)

LindaG said...

I have been doing that more, too. Sometimes it takes a while to sink in when you have a hard head.
He hasn't let us down yet. :)