21 November 2016

A Prayer of Thanksgiving & for the President-elect

Many of you are aware that Christians in the United States, as well as our Israeli friends in their country, have been praying very hard.

We knew that the future of the U.S. depended entirely on the outcome of the Presidential election. We prayed as we have rarely prayed before, that His choice for leadership would be elected, and evil would be turned away.

In the words of King Solomon in 2 Chronicles 6:10, "And now you see the promise completed. God has done what he said he would do."

So now what? 

Now, it's still up to us. We cannot stop praying now. President-elect Trump has asked for prayer for wisdom, to steer this floundering ship of state away from the rocks, and back onto the path the Lord laid out for us.

We pray:
Father God, we humble ourselves before Your throne, and ask You to continue showing us mercy, for we are Your children. We do not behave as You commanded, but we want to. We as a nation have not been obedient for many years, and have allowed evil to sweep across this land. We ask You to forgive us for our lack of faith, our lack of sincerity, and our lack of trust.

But Father, we know this country was dedicated to You, and we want to return to that covenant with You. We repent for the sins of the United States, and ask You to forgive it once more, and heal this land.

Father, You are faithful, and we are wholly dependent on Your grace for everything we do. Let us be always mindful of You and Your commandments. Let us dwell in Your shadow, in that safe hiding place, and seek Your face as never before.

Father, we thank You for exposing the evil and laying bare the fraudulent activities which might have stolen the election. We thank You for seeing Mr. Trump through to victory.

Now, Lord, we ask You to guide and protect Donald Trump, and let him be Your instrument as the head of state. Let the nation remember Your goodness, and return to You.

We ask You to restore that which has been lost or abandoned, and make the United States of American a shining beacon of the strength and goodness which flows from Your throne when the people are obedient to You.

And we ask this in Jesus' most wonderful Name. Amen.


Vicki said...

"Pray without ceasing."

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Vicki.

A SImple Man said...


Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, sir.

drjim said...

Double AMEN, if there is such a thing....

Rev. Paul said...

Jim, I've heard "the amen corner" in various churches say "Amen and amen!" all my life. That's a double amen, right there, so I'll take it. Thank you, my friend.

LindaG said...

Amen. Thank you for this, Reverend. I will share this on fb. Maybe others will join our prayer.
May God bless us all again.

Rev. Paul said...

You're welcome, Linda. Please share in every way you can.

Sandy said...


Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Sandy.