13 November 2016

Afternoon Entertainment

Older Daughter and I will drive into Anchorage in a few hours, to see Dr. Strange. She insists that the IMAX 3D presentation will be best.

I look at modern movie prices (old phart rant coming on) with a jaundiced eye: I'm remembering the 25-cent admission to the base theater in Orlando, during "A" School, and ...

Okay, that's not really fair. It was much cheaper on base than in the civilian market, outside the gates.

But $17.75 for a ticket? Wow.


LindaG said...

We refuse to see any more movies in theaters. It doesn't matter how cheap they were in the military, they have doubled and tripled in the past decade. Now that we are retired, we just won't pay it, when we can do Redbox a month or so later in the comfort of our home.

I feel bad, but those thankless actors and actresses (most of them), brought it upon themselves - if most people would quit going, anyway.

I hope you had a safe trip and enjoyed your movie!

P.S. When hubby and I were growing up, he could get in for 6 Dr. Pepper (or coke or Mr. Pibb, I don't remember) bottle caps. So yes, $17 per person is outrageous. ;-)

Guffaw in AZ said...

I've not been to a theater in many years - perhaps 7 or 8(?)
And have never been to IMAX.
I do understand the larger screen and sound system does sometimes contribute to the whole effect, though (original Star Wars in Cinerama vs. on a 13" TV!)
But $17.75?
Of course, with fewer films coming put of Hollywood every year, even fewer 'stars', coupled with satellite,cable, Netflix et al, why go to a building far away to sit with strangers, pay almost $20 (+$10 for a small popcorn and a drink). when you can sit at home in your skivvies, pause the movie when you need to visit the loo, and eat whatever you want!?
If I was interested in comic book themed movies, I might see the appeal.
But not for $17.75...
Different strokes and all that.


Rev. Paul said...

Linda & Guffaw, I know it's rather spendy. But given an opportunity to spend the afternoon with one or both of my daughters, I'll gladly shell out the $18 for a ticket. We go twice, or sometimes three times per year.

LindaG said...

And I hope you had a great time!

P.S. I do know where you are coming from. We just got back from NC. (So diesel, meals and hotel rooms there and back.) Where we got the low down on how son is doing, to the tune of another $400. But we haven't seen him in about 3 years and they are having hard times, so it was worth the expense.

God bless you all. ^_^

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

If you had a wonderful time at the movies with your Daughters that's all that counts.

Rev. Paul said...

Linda & Sandy, it was a wonderful time, and not a bad show. :)