27 November 2016

Okay, I'm Back

I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of Peter Grant's upcoming book (volume 5 of the Maxwell Saga, for those are also reading it), which I believe he intends to release soon.

As soon as he says it's all right, I'll be happy to provide detail. But it's a GOOD one!

* * * * *

Our weather provided a bit of a treat this morning, as we received a dusting of snow. It was about 14° F. when it started, making what fell very much like the aftermath of a goose-down pillow fight. :)

Besides finishing the book, my wife and I did a bit o' shopping, including a couple of trips to one of the auto parts stores. Younger Daughter needed new wipers for her SUV, but has been working so many long days that she's permanently ensconced upon the couch this afternoon. It's her only day off in the last six, and she's been working 12- to 16-hour days (two jobs are involved). So I volunteered.

That SUV uses 28" blades, which are readily available. But I forgot that the fastening system has changed. The old J-hook standby isn't quite secure enough for blades that long, and Ford created a new system with a two-point fastener to help keep the blade sweeping smoothly, rather than skittering from end-to-end. So I had to take the first set back, and get another pair. Fortunately, the store isn't too far away.

* * * * *

AccuHunch, having forecast a "strong storm" for tonight, has pushed said forecast back to Wednesday night or Thursday morning. We'll believe there's snow on the way when it actually starts falling. For the record, however, I'd be perfectly happy to be wrong; we need the snow. Are you listening, Mother Nature?


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

It's nice to have a great book to read. Generally speaking a good book is hard to find lately.

Wiper blades can be a royal pain to change. They're cheaply made and easily broken. Hubby change one on the truck and went to change the other and the cheap plastic piece broke in half. Still need to change out that one.

Come on moisture!!!

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, it has been challenging to find books to read. But several bloggers have started writing books, and they're all GOOD. Also, Amazon sells bundles of books in different genres for $.99, often 10 or more novels in one. 9 cents per book is pretty decent, and it doesn't hurt to skip a couple if I don't care for them.

Wiper blades: agreed 100%. They can be a pain.

Moisture: yes, we need it too!