08 December 2016

Alaskan-Ursine Relations


Sandy said...

Rev Paul,

People just don't get it. You should never get close to a bear to take pictures.

Great cartoon!

SENIOR said...

Never seen one up close and really don't think I want to either.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, we are constantly astounded by people who think that a wild animal (moose, bear, or whatever) is some sort of exhibit. They'll walk right up to it, and then are astonished when it puts them in the hospital.

Senior, the last one I saw was 200 feet away, and I was indoors - and it was still too close.

Fiona said...

That is the best cartoon! I have been catching up on my blog reading and this one just made my day! I burst out laughing and Ralph had to come over to see why! God Bless.

Bears...unique and unpredictable and WILD!

Rev. Paul said...

Very true, ma'am. I just wish we could convince the tourists of that.