20 December 2016

The Plan of the Day: Axe-Wielding Man Edition

My days, especially the mornings, are fairly routine.
  1. Check the mail.
  2. Open and process invoices and payments.
  3. Check e-mail.
  4. Check HVAC settings.

Things like that. But then, every once in awhile, Life throws us a curve-ball.
Today's list included:

   14. Talk down the angry, belligerent homeless man with a double-bitted hatchet*.

Fortunately, I was able to enlist the help of a guy who bench-presses small cars for fun. That didn't hurt. And did I mention it took the police nearly an hour to show up? I called them 15 or 20 minutes before confronting the homeless guy, and he'd been gone for 8 or 10 minutes when they came to see me.

I wonder if it's too late for a career change?

* Seriously, it had large blades and an 18" handle; was nearly a small axe.


threecollie said...

When I read this on FB....there are simply no words for my reaction. I am so glad that you are all right...that this didn't escalate until you were somehow harmed.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, threecollie. It was ... tense ... for awhile.

ProudHillbilly said...

Whoa. My lack of interaction with the world suddenly seems a better idea...

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Thank God You're Okay!!! I'm happy to hear you had this muscle man to help you. What will happen to the homeless man? Did the police take him for some medical help?

Rev. Paul said...

PH - I'm giving serious thought to doing something else, soon.

Sandy - I was happy for the backup, too. The homeless guy was gone before the police arrived, so it's unlikely that anything will result from today's encounter. That doesn't mean he won't have been arrested tonight for something else entirely.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Glad everyone is okay.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I pray he gets some sort of help.
The scary part, one doesn't know what he'll do the next time this happens.

Remain warm, and safe. Hugs to you and your family.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Guffaw. I'm quite relieved, myself. And I don't plan to do that, EVER again.

Sandy, you're exactly right. He seems to fit the description of those who "fall through the cracks", so to speak. Seemingly normal until confronted, and I'd bet help won't come unless he gets a lot worse. I just hope that he doesn't hurt anyone in the meantime. Thanks.