26 December 2016

Unexpected, This Is

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I sent multiple e-mails to all my tenants, asking how many offices would be closed for the holidays, and on which days.

A dozen or so responded that they'd be closed today. But that left 10 who would be open.

So we got up at 0400, as usual, and made it to work in due course. That was around 0615. By 0800, when my truck was still the only vehicle in the lot, it was clear that I'd been punked.

So at 0815, I electronically locked the employee entrance, and came on back home. I just logged into my work account, at 0923, and there are no replies to this morning's question of whether anyone was working.

So I made the right decision, and have an extra day off.

Life is good. :)


drjim said...

Rather inconsiderate that some of the tenants didn't respond.

Oh, well....at least you got an early start on the day!

Rev. Paul said...

While that's true, Jim, I was so happy to get out again that having to drive in didn't bother me.

LindaG said...

Too bad some people didn't save you the drive; but glad that it was a safe one.
Have a Blessed week!

Haha. And now I see that drjim said the same thing. :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Linda. The roads are worse now than they were, this morning, as temps have risen close to the freezing mark. Lots of frost out there.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I'm for another day off to enjoy with family or climb back into bed. It would have been nice if the remaining office group provided you with a decision before the holiday so this way you would of had to drive in.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, common civility is rapidly becoming uncommon.