14 January 2017

An Interesting Day

We awoke to find 9 or 10 inches of fresh snow on the ground this morning. After sunrise, we went out to clear all that.

While finishing the driveway, and after cleaning off two SUVs and Older Daughter's pickup, the wind picked up. The black spruce dumped a few more tons of snow on us, the cars, the drive ... and the city's road grader plowed both ends of the driveway shut.

So we got the snowblower back out of the garage, and took care of that.

The wind has been gusting from time to time, and huge amounts of snow come tumbling down. But we've done the driveway once already, so whatever remains can be done tomorrow.

But the sun finally came out, an hour ago, and shone on the mountaintop above us briefly.

The temp is starting to slide south, and AccuHunch continues to insist that we'll be below zero tonight.

But we got the bulk of the snow moved, and the driveway is passable. All the rest can wait.


Old NFO said...

That's good news, and gotta hate the plows messing up all your work!

drjim said...

Sounds like you guys get the light, fluffy stuff for the most part.

Back in Illinois we'd get wet, soggy "snow" that weighed 20 pounds per shovel full.

There were a lot of times it felt like I was shoveling MUD!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

"the city's road grader plowed both ends of the driveway shut."

My parents were furious when the snow plow operator would use our lane to empty his plow. One winter a heated discussion occurred in the local supervisor's office when my father and some neighbors went in to complain and demand an end to the practice.

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, we saw the grader going up & down the street while we were working, and knew it would probably happen. But he managed to wait until we had stopped before plowing our side.

Jim, it's colder here, so - in a normal winter - the snow tends to be powdery. The cold air sucks the moisture out of the snow.

WSF, I didn't get mad this time, but I was plenty annoyed. At least we were still in our coats & snow boots when it happened. I'd have been more upset if it occurred after we'd changed & cleaned up.

Sandy said...

Y'all were outside working when the trees surprised you with more snow along with the snow plow. Good thing you were still in your winter gear :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Yes, it would have been worse had we already gone inside. Annoying, but no worse than that.