15 January 2017

I Know That Wasn't Interesting

The weather forecast, that is. I had little time this morning, and didn't even comment on what I posted. Sorry; I know it's not nearly as interesting to someone in Cazador, Alabama as it is to us.

But the good/bad/sad news is ... there's no news to report. The local snowflakes and crybabies (but I repeat myself) are wetting themselves as they bemoan the evil fortune which brought them to an alternate reality where Donald J. Trump could get elected.

The 2017 State Legislature has convened, or is about to ... I lose track ... and faces the same budget battles as its immediate predecessor.

The Muni Assembly in Anchorage continues to threaten to resurrect a proposal to place a sales tax on the ballot in April. It would exempt groceries, prescription drugs, and so on, but everyone is losing their minds.
Personal note: I have to admit to a certain satisfaction when shopping. It's nice to know that the price sticker on an item at a store will cost you that much, and no more, when you check out. On the other, most places elsewhere in the country have sales taxes, and it's a part of life.
I think my major caveat is that I've never seen a sales tax that remained static. It always increases, because legislators always think of something else that they could use the money on. Always. 
But the area has recovered from the snow on Friday, as we prepare for the one beginning in a few hours. It's not supposed to be quite as much, this time 'round, but the forecasters are famous principally for being wrong much of the time.

Like I said, that's not news. :)


Ed Bonderenka said...

alternate reality where Donald J. Trump could get elected.

I've had enough alternate reality the last eight years.

Mike Yukon said...

Here where I live we've had two, 1/2 cent sales tax increases over the last 13-14 years. We're at 7% now. Both were to fund a special project and eliminate some toll road toll booths. The disturbing part is the voters approved both of them.
The special project is only half done because they underestimate the cost by $250,000,000.00 and now need more money, twice as much.
The toll booths are gone but now they're putting them up on another road at the opposite end of town.
I expect a 2-3 cent tax increase soon because our Police and Fireman's pension fund is unfunded to the tune of over 2.5 BILLION dollars!

My rule is, NEVER EVER agree to a tax increase... There's plenty of money to run a state or city with the funds currently collected. Force the politicians to eliminate previous politicians pet projects that are a sewer for money and serve a small handful of people, use that money instead.

LindaG said...

Louisiana has some of the highest sales tax rates in the country. City, Parish and State taxes on most things.

Hey, sometimes there's nothing to say on a blog. We understand that. Can't always share everything. ^_^

Have a blessed week and stay warm!

Old NFO said...

Saw your WX forecast... B R R Frikkin R!!! That is TOO cold! Stay warm and let the rest of the crap sort itself out... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, everyone. We're concentrating on staying safe & warm this week.