26 January 2017

It Might Have Been a Good Idea (Updated)

to stay home this morning. The news reports are filled with dire warnings about freezing rain and black ice. The Nat'l Weather Service announcement about it, yesterday, went as far as asking people to stay off the roads if possible.
The Book o' Faces has a page devoted to those of us who commute from the north into Anchorage. It was in a constant state of update this morning, as drivers posted about the multiple ditch-divers (know as free-style parking, here), various accidents, and icy curves.
While I was at my desk, reading all these stories of gloom and doom, there was an earthquake. Not a bad one, mind you, at least as far as our experience of it. Turns out it was only a 4.7, and nearly 100 miles away. It was felt more strongly by those in the flats, especially on the other side of the ridge.
But I'm at work now, and the morning drive wasn't that bad, except in our little town at the beginning. Everything was truly glazed and icy, there, and just standing was a trick. The first stop sign we encountered might as well not have been there, as we slid right through it as though the brakes weren't engaged.
But the rain hasn't reached Anchorage, so there's that. At least, not yet.
But sometimes you have to think that perhaps Ma Nature is trying to get your attention. I may wish I had listened, by the time this is all done.
UPDATE: the weather deteriorated quickly after I got to Anchorage at 0630. Those a half-hour behind me reported strong winds, rain, and ice. Lots of ice.  The "special weather statement" now predicts icy conditions through 1415 today, covering thousands of square miles. (That's still a very small part of Alaska, but it's where a great many of us live.)


LindaG said...

A safe trip home, Reverend. And perhaps an early start to the weekend.
May God watch over all Alaskans today.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Linda. I'd love a three-day weekend, but it would be hard to convince my boss. :)

drjim said...

Yes, please be extra careful on your way home tonight!

You do, of course, have a St, Christopher medal in your car?

Rev. Paul said...

Jim, thank you; we'll be extra-careful this afternoon. No, I don't have any particular things like that in my truck. I pray to the One who made them saints in the first place. :^)

ProudHillbilly said...

Ick. My concern when I used to commute wasn't getting to work - it was getting home after the sun set and anything that might have thawed or been just wet froze.

LindaG said...

Still praying for your safe return home, though I know I don't need to worry.
God bless.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

You arrived at work safely, now the return trip home maybe a bit dangerous. Be careful driving!!!

Rev. Paul said...

PH, for better or worse, we don't often have winter days warm enough to melt the snowpack on the roads. When we do, it's a real mess. Yesterday's warm weather was a fluke, and we hope not to repeat it.

Linda, it was in the low 40s when we left Anchorage, and upper 30s at home, so the highway was merely wet. The streets in our town were another story, but we made it home just fine. Thank you.

Sandy, thank you.

deborah harvey said...

of course you have a folding cot and jammys in your office closet, along with toiletries?

and a bag in the truck with appropriate boots and togs and energy bars?
and water which you take in your pocket to avoid freezing in the vehicle?
and one of those little instant cell phone chargers? [don't know how well they work but good to have 'just in case'.
sometimes you just have to say where you are.
when we lived in pennsylvania out in the country kept baby's snowsuit and necessaries in the trunk from the end of august onwards. you never know.

Rev. Paul said...

deborah, I have most all of those things, or some variation thereof. And all the portable stuff is in a backpack. No sense in taking chances, eh?