09 January 2017


"Subzero" in this case refers to:
a. the morning temps on my drive in,
b. the forecast for the next 10 days, with lows forecast near -20, and
c. my interest in some overpaid performer expounding his or her political opinions.
It might be of interest to said performer(s) that we haven't voted for them, they're not running for anything, and NO ONE CARES.
Of course, they're all so irrevocably convinced of their own superiority and self-righteousness that they won't care if a dissenting opinion is offered.
So this is me, officially ignoring their bloated sense of self-worth and their ignorant, emotion-based thought process, and getting on with my life.
* * * * *
I note that the Alaska Dispatch News (the Anchorage area's larger newspaper, in a field of two) begins charging $10/month for it's on-line edition. Given its hard-left slant, and consistently liberal-to-Progressive shift, we won't miss it.
I also noted, in their editor's notes about it, that they're raising prices to continue subsidizing the same number of employees. No cutbacks being considered at all, it seems.
I'm sure we'll see how well that works out for them. Meanwhile there are other, more reliable sources of news.
* * * * *
That's about all I have for now. Y'all have a wonderful and blessed day out there. Thanks for stopping by.


Steve said...

You could switch to the Kelvin scale and never be below zero again!

Rev. Paul said...

ba-DUMP-bump! He'll be here all week, folks. :)

hobo said...

More subzero?! No more... we cry UNCLE! UNCLE!! ;^) And why don't you just skip all that kind of weather and go straight to Spring. Have a little pity on us down here. haha

Stay warm and be safe.

Rev. Paul said...

hobo, we won't even consider the breakup season (what Spring is called, up here) until after the last Iditarod racer crosses the finish line in Nome. That's the middle of March. Then the thaw/mud/refreeze/repeat cycle begins in April. Just part of the rich pageant of life north of the 61st parallel.