27 January 2017

Women Targeted in Late-Night Crimes

According to Anchorage Police Department statements issued early Friday, the robberies took place in different locations around Anchorage between 8 p.m. and midnight.
"It is possible that these robberies were committed by the same suspects, generally described as two or three young black males," police wrote. "The common circumstances in these cases were that the female victim was alone, in a car or walking, and was approached by the males, who had guns and demanded the victim's purse or cellphone before fleeing on foot to a vehicle."
Police dispatchers said the robberies took place Thursday night, not Wednesday as stated in messages. They declined to discuss how many robberies had taken place, or when and where they occurred.
Police asked locals to be especially vigilant when out during late-night hours, and to "report any suspicious circumstances." APD can be reached by phone at 907-786-8900; Anchorage Crime Stoppers can also take anonymous tips on the robberies at 907-561-STOP or through its website.


Rob said...

Its sad when some need to pray on the helpless

Rev. Paul said...

Rob, it's truly sad. Even more sad is to perceive how much the left-coast transplants have diluted the Alaskan blood. 10 years ago, at least two of those three women would have been packing heat.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

It's a shame these women became victims of robbery. Good thing they weren't seriously hurt since the suspects were armed.