06 February 2017

Ice Fog & Sore Muscles

Sore everything, this morning, if truth be told. I think the cold air yesterday caused muscles to tighten, and then strain set in when heavy things were lifted. But we recently purchased a TENS unit, and I set those electrodes to work on my neck and shoulders last night. It helped.
AccuHunch predicted dense fog everywhere this morning, but the only place I encountered it is in mid-town Anchorage. The highway was clear, for which I'm grateful. Traffic was unusually light, too, which seems strange. It's not a holiday, so ... oh, well. I'll take it.
Heavy fog at 7 degrees equals a quick build-up of frost on any surface exposed to the elements. The roads weren't slick yet when I got into town, but if the fog persists, that will change pretty quickly.
My enthusiasm level for work today is fairly low, so I may just hide behind my desk, and hope no one needs me for awhile.
Stay safe and warm out there, folks; thanks for stopping by.


Suz said...

Actually, for many, yesterday WAS a holiday.

I was supposed to go see a patient yesterday to resume home care services, and her husband told me "but it's the super bowl!!" You would have thought I wanted to come during Christmas morning from his tone!! Lol. Didn't matter what time I offered, none was good as they were celebrating ALL day. At their daughter's house...so guess she wasn't too terribly home-bound.

I can pretty much guarantee that the supervisors wont make this assessment on top of the list for Monday visits. Especially since we do go see folks on Christmas if needed.

Enjoy the light traffic, and hope the fog stays away!

Rev. Paul said...

Well, how rude of you to intrude on their Super Bowl Worship Service! (/snerk) The traffic is pretty much normal today, and fog was quite thick for awhile. Fortunately, it has lifted now, and the sun is shining. Thanks. :)

LindaG said...

I had heard that some people want Monday to be a holiday because so many people take off the Monday after Super Bowl for whatever reason I don't really know.

But yes, light traffic is always a blessing. We had plenty of traffic around here this morning, I know that!

Tens units are pretty neat. I just need to make time to use mine.

A blessed week to us all.

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, I don't perceive any rationale to taking off the day after a football, unless you're one of the players. :) Blessings!

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Tens units are a great medical tools to have stashed with your first aid items. I know they say to use ice when you're in pain....however I've found heat makes a world of difference when your neck and shoulders hurt from the cold. Hope you're not so sore later today. Stay behind your desk with a nice hot cup of coffee, and hopefully people will leave you alone.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Sandy.