12 February 2017

That's What I Get ... and a Prayer

... for responding to several comments about weather variables by saying that "Alaska doesn't have those wide temperature swings", or words to that effect.

I hope I was honest (with myself) enough to add "usually" to that descriptor.

Because it's -7° this morning, and by tomorrow afternoon we're to have at, or slightly above, freezing temps with rain. Yes, the wet stuff. That always works out so well on subzero pavement and snow.

And just in time for the commute, too.


* * * * *

A State senator (I'm sure she'd want me to mention her name) has introduced a bill raising the tax on studded tires.

From $5 to $75. Per tire.

With the average winter tire already going for well over $200, these days, this strikes directly at the shrinking pocketbooks of everyday residents.

Still think they're "looking out for you"?

* * * * *

Father God,

We continue to hold up President Trump to You, and ask You to keep strengthening him, and surrounding him with only those who want to help him accomplish Your purpose.

Please continue to expose the lies and hypocrisy of the enemies of freedom, and bring their plans to naught. Open the peoples' eyes to the truth, and cause us to pull together.

Above all, Lord, we thank You for giving us this chance to turn things around, and to put the country back on track, for Your glory. You are the author and finisher of our faith, and apart from you, we can do nothing.

Thank You, Lord.

In Jesus' wonderful name we ask it - amen!


Vicki said...


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Wow. That seems like a bit of a hike. Justification (other than just a blatant cash grab)?

LindaG said...


Hopefully whoever this person is 1)not reelected. 2) has her bill thrown out. There must be others who see how wrong this bill is.

Everywhere has those temperature swings now. Be safe and stay warm.
I Pray God will watch over everyone if you get severe weather in the morning. God bless.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Vicki.

TB - it's a horrendous hike. She claims it would go toward road maintenance. It's a fact that studded tires eat the road surfaces when the pavement is bare. She calls it a “public safety user fee.” But that's $300 per vehicle, and it treats everyone the same, whether they live a mile from work, or commute twice weekly from, say, Fairbanks to Anchorage - a 720-mile round trip.

Linda, thank you. I hope you're right about the ill-considered tire tax.

drjim said...

You run studded tires on all four corners?

I only ran them on the back way back when in Illinois, but that was, oh....forty years ago!

Rev. Paul said...

Almost everyone up here does, Jim. It's serious snow country. A couple winters back, we had 165" of snow at our house. On a primarily rear-wheel-drive vehicle, you need 'em on the back for mobility, and on the front for steering. I will admit that the new studless winter tires (softer, silicone-based tread) do even better, and it may be that the tax is a back-door admission that the Legislature wants us all to go studless, to preserve the roads. I'm not opposed, and three of our four trucks have those installed. I've just had mine a couple years longer, when the studless versions weren't widely available.

Old NFO said...

Wow... That is a BIG increase, I'd really love to see the 'justification' for that... And Amen...

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, I'm not sure there's any justification for it, other than a legislator who's grasping at straws & going for what she perceives as low-hanging fruit.

And thank you.