19 February 2017

The Weekend, in Progress

Go home, AccuHunch; you're drunk.

On Friday, we were supposed to receive 1" to 3", and wound up with 8" of snow on Saturday morning. And last night, they forecast another inch.

It's snowing lightly this morning, and we have three inches already. Oh, well, it could be a lot worse.

* * * * *

Yesterday was tiring. We spent roughly two hours clearing the driveway. Then after lunch, Younger Daughter had an appointment to have auto-start installed in her SUV. But she was working, so we agreed to take care of that for her.

The three-hour appointment turned into three hours and 45 minutes, but we also drove my truck, and decided to do a little shopping, and a lot of window-shopping, and have dinner while out and about.

Lots of zeros in the prices of things we're interested in, these days, but "we're interested" is not the same as "we have to get it right now because emergency".

* * * * *

Fortunately, there's not a lot we need to do today. I have a few small projects around the house such as replacing a receptacle, and things like that. Nothing major, and no desire to do anything major.

Besides, one of the things we dreamed about when buying this place was to sit inside and watch it snow through these big windows. And today, we shall.

Thanks for stopping by, friends.

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Rev. Paul said...

There was something special about Barkley, without a doubt, and all your long-time readers know it. The pain of loss is always sharp; I'm glad you've had Abby to help you get through that.