02 March 2017

About That Fatal Fire

The Minnesota Drive fatal fire, on Feb. 15, is being investigated as an arson and homicide case, says the Anchorage Police Department.
APD says they want to speak with Andrew John Eknaty, 28, because they believe he has information, regarding this crime.
If you have any information, regarding the whereabouts of Eknaty, police request that you contact Police Dispatch at (907) 786-8900.
Original Story - Feb. 28:
Two weeks after a fatal fire in Spenard, full coverage of which can be found here, investigators say they are getting closer to narrowing down who actually set the fire.
The arson case is now in the hands of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms investigators. On Tuesday, special agent, Jason Crump, told Channel 2 that the case is progressing well, but not to the point of actual charges being filed.
Agent Crump said ATF has identified several "people of interest," and investigators are now trying to narrow down who actually started the blaze on Feb. 15.
ATF is not yet releasing any details on how the fire was started, or any other specifics about the arson, since the investigation is ongoing.
On Friday, a third woman, identified as Laura Kramer, died, according to a spokesperson at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

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