27 March 2017

Bald Eagles



LindaG said...

Great photos! We have that nesting pair here in Louisiana, but a bayou backdrop isn't as cool as snow, no pun intended. :)

Suz said...

Very nice pics! I think it is very neat to see bald eagles flying around as where I came from, they were very rare when I was growing up. They have been coming back, but still you would only see them a few times a year.

Here in MI, there is a nesting pair by the landfill. DH, having spent lots of time in Alaska, on the coast, isn't at all impressed.

LindaG said...

I never saw an eagle when I lived in Lower Michigan. We spent almost 5 years in Alaska. I am always impressed when I see an eagle.
But given all the eagles we see when watching Deadliest Catch, I can understand how it might become a bit boring.

Rev. Paul said...

Suz, they're in coastal areas here by the hundreds, which is impressive because of the quantity alone. But they are scavengers, and make quite a mess if/when any trash or food debris is left in the open.

Linda, I'm still impressed when I see more than a couple at a time, so I get it.