10 March 2017

Iditarod Update #15 - On the Move Again

Race Standings – Top 5 Mushers

1Wade Marrs
Bib 29
OUT OF Huslia
AT 03-10 19:05
2Dallas Seavey
Bib 18
OUT OF Huslia
AT 03-10 19:39
3Mitch Seavey
Bib 16
IN TO Huslia
AT 03-09 20:18
4Nicolas Petit
Bib 24
IN TO Huslia
AT 03-10 02:07
5Jessie Royer
Bib 37
IN TO Huslia
AT 03-10 03:56

Wade Marrs and Dallas Seavey skipped the Huslia hospitality, opting to instead mush on through the checkpoint.

Both mushers have yet to take their 8-hour rest.

Mitch Seavey will be back on the trail soon after his 24 expires.
Girdwood racer Nicolas Petit joined Mitch Seavey early Friday morning at the Iditarod halfway point of Huslia.

Petit, who earlier in the race won $3,500 as first to the Yukon River, arrived nearly four hours after Seavey, who received the $3,000 halfway award. Jessie Royer and Michelle Phillips soon followed.

Race observers are full of praise for Mitch Seavey's team.

"Mitch is in the drivers seat big time," former Yukon Quest winner Sebastian Schnuelle wrote in a Facebook analysis. "He made up A LOT OF GROUND on that run (to Huslia) and with a team seeming to peak right before his 24 hr layover. A beautiful position to be in."

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