13 March 2017

Iditarod Update #22: Mitch is Back in the Lead

Some, like Wade Marrs and Jessie Royer, stopped in Shaktoolik for a rest. Others grabbed straw and supplies before taking off down the trail.
Frontrunners mostly conceded Sunday night that it was Mitch Seavey's race to lose. Even defending champ Dallas Seavey told Alaska Dispatch News his father had a lead and speed comparable to what the younger Seavey had when he won in 2015.
But with 171 miles of trail left after mushers reach Koyuk, the race isn't over until mushers cross the burled arch.
"Oh yeah, you never know what could happen," Marrs told the Iditarod Insider Monday morning. "We're keeping the dog team happy and strong so if we do get a chance to give a little push, we can, and we will if we can."


LindaG said...

The dogs in your header picture look like they are having a great time!
It won't be long and we will know who had the best plan.
Thank you, Reverend. ^_^

Rev. Paul said...

It's my absolute pleasure, Linda. :)