26 March 2017

That Thing Called Spring

One week ago, everyone was talking about the first day of Spring.

So I have a question: what is this thing called "Spring" of which you speak? Because our yard looks like this, today:


LindaG said...

Whee! Time for toboggans and snowmen. Be safe! ^_^

Suz said...

Even though you still have snow, your temperatures must be getting a little warmer, aren't they? You know, lows of 0 instead of -50, no? :)

The advantage of a longer winter is when Old Man Winter does beat a retreat, you enjoy Spring/Summer/Fall that much more.

Plus, with a longer winter the bugs don't get as big! And, you don't have to garden as long as those poor folks in say, Florida or Texas...just think...they have to mow lawn almost 9-10 months a year, and the weeding...must be terrible. After all with winter, you don't HAVE to blow snow...ya could just let it melt. Can't do that with grass. Never mind the whole gotta go to work thing about getting out of the driveway... :)

Rev. Paul said...

Linda - at this point, we're really really done with winter. Even though it's not done with us. :(

Suz - you're right. We all live for the summer, short though it may be, with the 22 hours of daylight. The bugs, however, are HUGE (see the whole "22 hours of daylight" thing). Granted, we don't have to mow the grass quite as often, but lots of lots sunlight makes everything grow. That's how the farmers just north of here wind up with 1100 lb watermelons and 800 lb cabbages.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Maybe it is spring snow now?

Fiona said...

We are dealing with confused fruit trees that bloomed a month early, but now are weirdly trying to bloom again. Northern spring reminds me of the song "Spring time in Alaska" I think it was sung by Johnny Horton
Hang in there.

Rev. Paul said...

TB, call it whatever we like, it's been here for awhile. Barring a freak warm spell, it'll be here for awhile longer.

Fiona, you're right. We've had a couple weeks of sunny weather, but now there's snow in the forecast for 9 of the next 10 days. Not a lot, but it's there. We've grown used to "spring" arriving in fits & starts, but it's not my favorite season here.