30 June 2017

Bear Crashes Through Bedroom Window

Even though the local bird-cage line-slash-fishwrapper spends most of its time bashing President Trump, they still report local stories.

"Mom, Dad, there's a bear in my bedroom"

Eleven-year-old Zach Landis will never forget the sound of a black bear bursting through the double-paned window of his bedroom late Monday.

"It's hard to explain, but it's almost like a cannon burst through and hit straight past my ear," Zach said.
He recounted what happened from his family's South Anchorage home two days later, unscathed from the bizarre encounter.
Zach said he shot upright when he woke to the crash. He saw a figure the size of a grown man in his room. In the darkness and clamor, he struggled to make out what was near the foot of his bed. He watched it scratch at the walls and climb back through the window from which it entered before he could let out a scream and figure out what he had just witnessed — a bear crashing in and out of his garden-level bedroom.
Eleven-year-old Zach Landis was in his bedroom on June 26 when a black bear smashed through the window. He was uninjured. He is standing in the room with his mother, Alisa Landis, two days later. (Marc Lester / Alaska Dispatch News)


threecollie said...

Glad I sleep upstairs! lol

Vicki said...

Glad my apartment is on the second floor. Oh, wait. Bears can climb.......

Rev. Paul said...

threecollie, so long as there's no tree outside your bedroom window.

Vicki, bears climb stairs all the time. And black bears climb trees quite handily.