18 June 2017

Reclaiming the Back Yard

from the forest. Previous owners hadn't cleared brush, saplings, or weeds in ... well, nearly forever.

So between the chainsaw and tree pruner, my wife and I have doubled the size of the back yard. And there's nearly that much more still to be cleared.

Looking to right-center from the deck: the new Weber grill which arrived last night. Happy Father's Day to me! p.s. The first round of burgers and steak came out great. :)
Looking east from the deck
Looking to the west side of the yard, part of the area we cleared 2 weeks ago. Note the extensive root system and mounds. Will require a rather spendy root-grinder rental to level the area. Note: there's nearly that much more off the right-hand edge of the photo, which we also cleared by chainsaw.
It's definitely a work in progress, and not your typical suburban lawn. Technically speaking, we don't have a lawn in back ... or in the front yard either, for that matter. :)


Ed Bonderenka said...

No grass to mow.

LindaG said...

What Ed said. Always a bright side. :-)

Vicki said...

I would take your trees and scenery over a well manicured lawn any day of the week. Beautiful.

Rev. Paul said...

Very little, Ed. We can mostly do it with a weed eater.

Linda, agreed.

Vicki, strangely enough, we agree with every word. :)