25 June 2017

Weekend Project: the Update

Four rows of paving bricks should have been enough to reach the top of the steel ring ... but we forgot the ring is sitting on a bed of rock. So back to Lowe's for 9 more bricks, tomorrow.

More forest which will need to be reclaimed ... maybe. We haven't decided whether it's worth clearing. Meanwhile, the three marked trees will be leaving us, later this week: cut down, chipped/mulched, debris removed, and stumps ground down to yard level. 


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

The fire pit looks great Reverend!

LindaG said...

Such an amazing view. I totally understand clearing away from the house, though.
And I agree. It looks great!

drjim said...

Those three trees aren't worth using for firewood?

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, TB. :)

Thank you, Linda.

Jim, the fire pit is the only place where we burn wood, and I don't want the cottonwood trunks that badly. If they were a hardwood, I'd think differently.