22 July 2017

Bear Trouble

Since it's a sunny day, which has been rare in these parts, we devoted the morning to another round of yard work. Due to the cool, wet summer this year, it a) the first time we've mowed (what there is of) the grass, and b) only took 90 minutes. To be fair, we only have about a third-acre of actual lawn. The rest is heavily forested.

But speaking of the wooded part, my wife and younger daughter decided to clear more brush in the back yard. And that leads to the title of this post.

They were busily cutting away, when they were  charged by a black bear.

It had jumped the fence into the backyard behind us, and heard them chatting as they trimmed and stacked the brush and small trees. For whatever reason, it decided to charge toward them, but the fence between our yards stopped it. At least, this time.

So I spent the next 30 minutes patrolling the back yard with the bear gun on my belt. Fortunately, it seems to have left the neighborhood for now. Both neighbors to the south of us saw it running down their street, and back into the woods.

It's funny; we didn't have any bears at all, last year. This summer, they seem to be everywhere.


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Wow. That sounds unbelievably scary. Worst thing we have here is the odd rabbit or maybe a possum.

Rev. Paul said...

It was ... startling, to say the least.

Ed Bonderenka said...

We had a faun, but a bear?
More than once?
What is happenning to the local ecology?
Is it global warming related? :)

Rev. Paul said...

Ed, there are several black bears roaming our neighborhood this summer. One got into our trash twice, forcing us to keep the can in the garage. But the numbers are unusual, and even the State's Fish & Wildlife folks are talking about how strange it is.

I'm sure Algore would find a way to tie it to warming, but I find Revelation 6:8 of more interest. Of course, the breaking of the seals (and the accompanying appearance of the 4 horsemen) hasn't happened yet. ;)

LindaG said...

Glad that the good Lord is looking over you all, Reverend.
Be safe.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Linda.

Ed Bonderenka said...

But, shouldn't we have been raptured by now?

Rev. Paul said...

Ed, that's why I said it hasn't happened yet. Either that, or we're missing a REALLY good supper with our Lord. :)

Sandy said...

Rev Paul,

Bear are curious critters and will come closer to towns/cities if they're having issues finding food (which I know you're aware).
Do you have wild berries, fruit trees, bird feeders, or bee's near your place. They seem to love easy food.

Thank Goodness Your Wife and Daughters are okay, and you're prepared to do what you have to if necessary.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, this bear was apparently napping in the sun, in what it thought was a quiet corner backing up to the woods. Turns out the "woods" is in my back yard. We think it awoke to the sound of the ladies chatting & cutting brush, and was startled enough to run away. There's no ready source of food, where it was sleeping.