07 July 2017

The Bear Is Back

Or maybe it's a she. Either way, the neighborhood bear knocked over the trash can again last night. Trash all over the ground ... sigh. Picking up soggy trash in the rain ... double sigh.

We didn't have this problem last year, but there are bears all over the place, this summer. So the can now resides in the garage.

But the bestest part? I think the bruin was somewhere near while I was picking up the garbage ... I could hear rustling and an occasional snort, from a distance.

So I picked up trash with one hand, and a revolver* in the other. I had to get to work, and that involves going outside. Mr. Bear should have known that. :)

* It wasn't the large caliber that I preferred, but it was the one I had with me.


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

We occasionally get a random possum. Nothing nearly that exciting.

Rev. Paul said...

We didn't have predators larger than coyotes back when we lived in Missouri. Now they have black bears, mountain lions, and the occasional wolf. Must be Alaska envy.

Maybe we should ship 'em some grizzlies?

LindaG said...

I vote for moose or elk. We have black bear here and they are protected. I am glad they are in Southern Louisiana.

Of course bear knew you had to get to work. It was hoping you wouldn't *make* time to pick up the mess.

I hope your garage was okay when you got home. I've heard a hungry bear can be pretty insistent when it wants something.

Glad you didn't have to use your sidearm. It would have creeped me out and I would have called in sick or said plain out I was being stalked by a bear.

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, we have moose in the neighborhood too, although they've made themselves scarce since the bears started wandering the streets.

Our garage doors are heavy, thick wood - a black bear would have to really work to get in. If a brown bear wandered by, and could smell anything besides gas, oil, and humans, he could force his way in. But we haven't had that problem, thank the Lord.

I'm glad the bear decided to keep its distance, too.

LindaG said...


I hop you are having a great weekend!