19 September 2017

God's Word for 9/19/17

Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift.
Ephesians 4:29 MSG


LindaG said...

I am doing much better now; but sadly, I still have to ask the Lord's forgiveness once in a while.

Thank you Reverend.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Really, on the whole, silence is better. I have not often regretted that which I have not said but often regretted that which I have said.

Old NFO said...

I need to do better... sigh

LindaG said...

TB, very true.

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, that just makes you human. :)

TB, I believe we can all make the same claim, if we're honest with ourselves.

NFO, it's a shared condition, and a common experience.