11 January 2019

Friday Night: -11°

That's the current temperature here at the ol' homestead. We've had a couple inches of snow, dry though it is, in the last day or two. Roads are in pretty good shape, except where the packed-down snow has been turned to ice by wear, and worn slick by stopping and starting.

I've been joking for a couple of years that intersections in the Anchorage area are groomed by Zamboni in winter-time. It's not really funny at all, and just another reason why I so rarely drive into the city anymore.

I'm happy to report that we haven't found any more "new" cracks from the 7.0 earthquake and the 8,000 or so aftershocks since then. However, although we had a couple of quiet days in mid-week, there have been a series of 3.7 to 4.7 magnitude 'quakes in the last few days. The 4.7 got our attention, because ... let's face it ... everyone is still on edge about the shaking, and wondering if we'll have any more large aftershocks.

But with every day that passes, the chance of such an occurrance grows slightly less.

In other news, there's a bit o' buzz around the Wasilla area. You remember Wasilla: the former hometown of ex-Governor Sarah Palin...  Anyhoo, Alaska's first Sonic drive-in will open there, later this year. That's probably worth driving over there to check it out, when it happens.


LindaG said...

Hubby really likes Sonic. It's okay, to me, but not a fave. I wonder what differences in Alaska from down here as far as menu, if any?
Really glad to hear no more cracks. Any word from insurance type people?
Stay warm and God bless.

drjim said...

Good to hear things are quieting down a bit. A 4.7 will definitely get your attention!

Sonic is an OK burger. Decent fries and good shakes. And in the summer here, they have cute car hops!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I am ambivalent about Sonic. That said, it is worth the experience at least once.

I love your pictures. It is like watching it from the (warm) window of my home.

Rev. Paul said...

TB, thanks for your kind words about my photos. I need to dig out a few more, or shoot some new ones, for display here.

Re: Sonic, we went to Sonic once or twice in the past, years ago in the Midwest. I was never particularly impressed at the time, but it's worth checking them out when they open up here.