12 February 2019

One Thing That Never Changes

Anyone who's ever been a sailor will tell you about "channel fever", that anticipation which keeps you up all night before pulling into port the next day. No matter how much you love the sea, you still look forward to walking on dry land for a bit before the next cruise.

It doesn't matter if it's this:

Or this:


LindaG said...

I can understand that.
I had motion sickness growing up. And sometimes I would get it flying (military or commercial).
A short car ferry ride, or out in our fishing boat and I am pretty much okay.
Not so sure about the rest of it.
God bless and keep all who do so for a living. :)

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'll take your word for it.

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, sorry to hear about your motion sickness; I hope it's better now.

Ed, it's a nautical thing. Not sure what the Air Force has that's comparable, except maybe a long flight, or series of flights. Athens to St. Louis used to take 11 hours in the air, not including layovers (usually JFK and maybe one other) along the way.

Rob said...

While I was never active duty, I remember being on Navy ships via Navy JROTC in high school. Memories I will never forget. I am in contact with several of my class mates once again

LindaG said...

17-19 hours in a KC-135 from Beale AFB to Okinawa, Japan. Sometimes a stopover in Hickam AFB, Hawaii; or Elmendorf AFB, AK. Not sure if this is the sort of trip you were talking about.
Fuel tanks kind of limit how long a plane can fly without refueling. I am sure a pilot or crew might have a better answer. I was just a passenger.

But yes, my motion sickness is pretty much over.

Rev. Paul said...

Rob, I know what those memories mean. Thank you.

Linda, I was originally referring to weeks, and sometimes months, at sea.

LindaG said...

I figured. :)
The only thing the Air Force has like that would be a remote tour.
Which is not the same thing at all. :)