03 March 2021

Wednesday Stuff

 Dr. Seuss: Canary in the Coal Mine, and You're Next

The Next Big Cheat

Wednesday Fun Fact: Alaska honors the conceal carry permits from all 50 states.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

#2 too true.

LindaG said...

Another fun fact. Looks like Louisiana is going to vote on being Constitutional carry, which means no concealed carry permit will be needed.

At least here.

And I agree with WSF. Not just white people protesting white people; but complaining that they themselves were born white.

How do we pray for such stupidity, Reverend?

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, Alaska was the third state to adopt Constitutional cary, some 35 years ago. No permits are required for anything. But we still have concealed carry permits available, for those traveling to other states.

Regarding prayer about ignorance or stupidity, be specific with God. Just tell Him what you’re asking about, and let HIM figure it out. 😊

LindaG said...

You are right, of course. Silly of me. He always knows what we are praying for. :)