17 June 2021

"Separate to Me"



Peteforester said...

It's confirmation that I read the words you posted today, Reverend. I pray often, but over the past couple of weeks I've been talking to God, asking Him to cultivate in me a CONSTANT state of prayerfulness. I feel a BURNING NEED lately to be connected to God 24/7. I'm a ham operator, and know the benefit of being on frequency, squelch down, and volume up in order to hear the distant signals; the "whispers," so to speak. I also know to use the radio often enough so that when the need arises, using it is second nature. Too many see God as a "fire extinguisher" to be used in emergencies, but otherwise hung on the wall or stuffed in a drawer. "If your Bible's in good shape, YOU are probably not;" that kind of thing.

For those truly wanting the presence of the Holy Spirit within them, all you need to do is ask!... and WANT it! I've been a Christian my entire life, but there was that one night that changed everything. I was on the verge of walking away from God, but God would not let me. It was a teaching moment, and the Holy Spirit manifested itself in me. I recall saying "It was THAT EASY?" and hearing God tell me "Yes, Peter; you've been overthinking it."

...Folks, ask for God's Holy Spirit... It will change you forever...

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Reverend, I have been feeling this too, although I have not put it into words like this. The church we attended up to The Plague no longer satisfies, as it has become a rather bland, seeker sensitive, vaguely sort Christian experience. Seeking something more.