29 January 2014

Unalaska Police Blotter: Things That Make You Go "Hmm"

Brian D. Rankin, 41 yoa, was arrested for Criminal Trespass II when he returned to a bar only 20 minutes after having been advised by an officer and bar staff that he was not welcome on the premises.
Caller reported his television remote had been stolen the previous day. An officer responded to the victim’s residence and quickly located a remote in the house, but the victim advised that remote was a back-up and his primary remote had clearly been stolen since he was unable to find it. Not under investigation.
Aiga Junior Satele, 30 yoa, was arrested for Criminal Trespass II, less than 15 minutes after he was told by an officer that he was not allowed to return [to a drinking establishment - Ed.]. 
Processing plant employee reported that his iPod had been taken from amongst many other equally or more valuable items left on his bed. An investigation was initiated after the alleged victim assured the officer that the iPod could not possibly be anywhere else in the room. The iPod miraculously appeared in the bathroom a short time later.
Public Safety
Caller reported three people playing soccer in the roadway near one of the post offices. An officer responded and advised the three grown men that the road was a fantastic place to play if they, collectively or individually, had death wishes.


PioneerPreppy said...

Game On!!!

threecollie said...

Miraculous and death wishes all in the same story. Wow!

Murphy's Law said...

Not only am I going to go to Unalaska one of these days, but darn it--I'm going to find a way to make the police blotter without getting arrested.

denimflyz said...

WOW, I need to come up and drink the water up there. There is just too much fun going on up there.

Old NFO said...

Gotta 'love' em... sigh

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, you betcha! :)

Absolutely, threecollie. They're an interesting mix out there. Heh.

I hear you, ML. It would be an interesting place to visit, I think.

denimflyz, I'm beginning to think I should have gotten off the plane, that one time that Reeve Aleutian landing there, just to see.

Yeah, NFO. I hear you.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Remove the alcohol factors and that is a very peaceful village.

Rev. Paul said...

True enough. It reminds me quite a bit of the small-ish Missouri town where I was once a police dispatcher & firefighter (pop. 10,000±).

Cathy said...

"Caller reported his television remote had been stolen the previous day."
My remote keeps disappearing.
Haven't called the police yet because I keep finding it between the couch cushions where that thief keeps hiding it.

Rev. Paul said...

LOL! Seems your thief is more clever than most ... :)